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Our mission at Blissentials is to handcraft superior quality organic and wildcrafted Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends and to provide education regarding healing properties and the safe, ethical and responsible use of Essential Oil products.

At Blissentials, we are dedicated to crafting our Essential Oil Therapies by adhering to the standards ancient alchemists pursued in their quest of true healing. We maintain those standards while handcrafting products designed to meet the demands of our modern lifestyles. Each formula is meticulously researched and developed using the finest organic and wildcrafted raw materials available to create a superior and efficacious product.

High and Low Dilution Essential Oil Therapies
We are unique to our industry in that we blend both High and Low Dilution Therapies.

Our High Dilution Blends are designed for those who enjoy basic good health and desire a highly efficacious product.

Our Low Dilution Blends are intended specifically for babies, those who are pregnant, the elderly and those who are unable to use a High Dilution or mainstream product due to a medical condition such as high or low blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, immune deficiency, etc. We create custom products to meet the needs of specific challenges.

Quality Standards
All our Essential Oils are of the highest quality, undiluted, unextended and uncut. We use organic and wildcrafted raw materials. We have researched sources from all over the world and only rely on those who meet our exacting standards.

Blissentials is in no way responsible for misuse of any of our products.

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